02 The Players Prayer (I Do)

from by Eric Fury

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Man, it’s about time- I’ve made up my mind,
to make sure that I shine, so I stay on my grind.
life I will bet mine that I will get what’s mine
and if stay unsigned: then im cool with that.
I don’t give two fucks. Do it on my own.
yall got me fucked up, so I stay in my zone.
I don’t need no crown, but I stay on my throne
I feel it in my bones, and put it in my songs
be up all night long, keeping that light on
voices in my head- they tell me when I’m wrong
choices that I made, chances that I’ve blown
a whole list of mistakes- I can’t take it back
but still I go hard, cause I can’t back out
man I’ve come too far, there’s no turning back now
wont stop till I cash out, so keep up or keep out
the deep end, don’t freak out- don’t sleep, cause we deep in the game.

walk around with my head high
do what I gotta to get by
cause baby we all on a deadline
and im on a mission to get mine
don’t give a fuck if I get signed
Im sittin here sippin on red wine
Ill be on the grind after bedtime
my nigga I never did fed time
you give it but you never get time
so a fuck nigga don’t waste mine
taking shots straight to the face baby girl
no I don’t need to chase mine
deviating from the baseline
putting my soul in the bass line
earthquakes to your waist line
and the bass hit like a mainline

playin the game to the hard line
stayin sharp- all the damn time
I thought about moving them hard lines
cause baby we living in hard times
but im over here writing hard lines
so the whole thang is a hard time
only smoke green and I got mine
baby Hit me up on the hot line
call a nigga on the pot line
eyes red like a stop sign
if momma asks, then it’s not mine
sayin “what mama? That’s not mine”
got a day job and a side grind
man sellin weed shouldn’t be a crime
Im just getting high while im getting mine
put the pound down for a dollar sign
but really I just wanna write songs
I cant even front like I write wrongs
there’s only one way to be right, (right?)
so can a nigga really right wrongs?
say the right things at the right time
in the right way, in the right place
and it still wont take back our mistakes
--but baby now I got to move on
its time to be singing a new song
been thinking about you for too long
--thinking that I gotta move on
--nigga gotta get his groove on
cant fuck with ya cause you wrong
and I hope that you’ve changed,
but I said “I do” to this game.


from Hallowed Be Thy Game, released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Fury Portland, Oregon

aka efeezy

space pirate.
aspiring sage.
temporally displaced clone of Dr. Funkenstein.

Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Currently based in Portland, OR. Repping NY til I die.

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