07 Fever Dream

from by Eric Fury

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I put the sauce in the pot- the spot just got hotta
Your boy got that fire- but I got that lava
32 degrees & I might walk on water
25 years & I roll them green quarters
respect from my peers in all the four corners
but them squares still don’t like me cause I cut corners
don’t do what they do- im doin what I wanna
& I tell it how I wanna while im smoking marijuana

got a honey hype off my phenotype check it
old schooler super future nigga on that next shit
cant reach a nigga on the phone, baby text it
man im home alone, in the zone finna test shit
hella high on psilocybin- dip it in the MD-
MA.- baby hit the bag til its empty
awesome- fresh to death- cradle to the coffin
Smoke in my lungs & it keep a nigga coughin

Get a funny feeling when the shrooms start to kick in
Rockin out the box cause a nigga never fit in
Lightweight nigga but the weed sack heavy
& im trippin so hard I cant keep my eyes steady
How I swang aint a thang
Aint you ever seen a king
All my ladies on my brain
Lucy molly mary jane
Man and we be up all night
Im in your face & out of sight
& baby you can do it too
just take your time & do it right

im on that good foot & look goodie goodie
fat bags of that boogie oogie
baked out of my mind, but she tryna give me that cookie nookie
hand up in that jar, go Chewbacca on that wookie pussy
said she wasn’t straight, but let me go deep in that crooked pussy
see food when I look at pussy- juice box when I lick the pussy
coming over to my spot, I don’t even got to go get the pussy
feezy gave her that fever- told her sit that ass in my office
I prescribed the vitamin D & now she don’t wanna get off it


from Hallowed Be Thy Game, released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Fury Portland, Oregon

aka efeezy

space pirate.
aspiring sage.
temporally displaced clone of Dr. Funkenstein.

Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Currently based in Portland, OR. Repping NY til I die.

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