08 1 <3 2 Nobody

from by Eric Fury

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It’s the Mista fifth letter, motha fuckas been bitter
Nothing they can tell us only jealous of the mirror
The clever never lose, still feelin like a winner
Still talkin to a hottie with a body like a stripper
Game boy advanced- I aint no beginner
Make ya brain dance boy I smoke that head spinner
Im colder and im sharper than a splinter in the winter
Giving santa claus the finger while im smoking on the timber
I tell it how it is and it gets no rilla
Clarissa with a spliffa- in a world like The Giver
Tryna find a way out, but dying aint an option
So im sittin here and sippin this concoction
Mom & dad trippin- thinkin im suicidal
Cause I aint looking forward to making it to tomorrow
Maybe I don’t wanna live no more
But if I stop now then what was it all for?

I’ve seen fire- Ive seen rain
Ive seen joy- Ive seen pain
Ive been bad & Ive been great
You know a nigga known love & Ive known hate
You show a nigga no love, still I don’t hate
Still tryna show love though I been betrayed
man im stuck in this body aint no escape
And there aint no way out- but while im in it ima get whats mine

Can never say a nigga not divine
Heaven’s in the mind- hell is of our own design
We runnin outta time- still actin outta line
Still actin like we livin in them medieval times
People falling victim to the evils of the mind
Protectors of the law the perpetrators of the crimes
& the cops that’s killin niggas get acquitted every time
now we out in the street with them pickets & them signs
nigga can you see the signs? We livin in a time
where the 5-0 choked a black father on the ground
just for selling cigarettes he got asphyxiated
said he resisted arrest, until we saw they taped it
i wonder if he knew that he wasn’t gonna make it
to his death bed and his grave would be the pavement
--man- I just cant take it
tryna show love in a world full of hatred


from Hallowed Be Thy Game, released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Fury Portland, Oregon

aka efeezy

space pirate.
aspiring sage.
temporally displaced clone of Dr. Funkenstein.

Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Currently based in Portland, OR. Repping NY til I die.

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